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HYTECH CARBONS  started production in 1999  , manufacturing Powdered ACTIVATED CARBON from wood charcoal using the process of steam activation, which confers very high adsorbing characteristics. Hytech Carbons is a leader in the production, supply and design of technologies, products and services for the purification, separation, and concentration of liquids and gases. Hytech Carbons is a pioneer in powdered carbon adsorption technology for more than four decade, is the leading producer and marketer of activated carbon and associated services. Hytech Carbons produces wide range of powdered activated carbons for use in a wide range of pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs industries.

Hytech Carbons are experts in this arena and have invested considerably in research to perfect this process. A strict quality and cost control in our processes ensures that you get quality products at competitive prices. We have a well-equipped, modern testing laboratory and each material is tested several times during intermediate stages of production and then before dispatch. Testing procedures can be supplied on request.

With our long experience in the line we can offer all technical assistance to any user including suggestions about what grade to use for an application and also how to draw maximum benefit from the use of a carbon.


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  • Manufacturing Activated carbon from wood charcoal using steam activation.