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Product Applications

The ability to adsorb components from a liquid or gas makes Activated Carbon to be used in thousands of applications across a multitude of industries, so much so, in fact, that it would likely be easier to list applications in which activated carbon is not used. The primary uses for activated carbon are listed below.

Air Purification

Similarly, activated carbon can be used in the treatment of air. This includes applications in face masks, in-home purification systems, odor reduction/removal, and the removal of harmful pollutants from flue gases at industrial processing sites.

Water Purification

Activated carbon can be used to pull contaminants from water, effluent, or drinking, an invaluable tool in helping to protect the Earth’s most precious resource. Water purification has a number of sub-applications, including the treatment of municipal wastewater, in-home water filters, treatment of water from industrial processing sites, groundwater remediation, and more.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Activated is used as an adsorbent to remove contaminants during the drug manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in the decolorization and purification of intermediate and end-products of the pharmaceutical industry.

Metals Recovery

Activated carbon is a valuable tool in the recovery of precious metals such as gold and silver.

Food & Beverage

Activated carbon is widely used throughout the food and beverage industry to accomplish a number of objectives. This includes decaffeination, removal of undesirable components such as odor, taste, or color, and more.


Activated carbon can be used to treat a variety of ailments and poisonings.